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You sit there
as I roll you down the long sidewalks.
Allowing your eyes to land on whatever interests you.
You reach your chubby little hands out of the stroller,
grasping at the plants we pass,
reaching for Dolce’s leash that hovers just out of your reach.
You lean the top half of your body out the side of the stroller
, studying the ground passing beneath you.

You stare at Dolce trotting
along side you.
She makes you smile
that makes me smile

I do my best to shield you from Florida’s relentless sun.
I have the stroller’s canopy over you,
(not long enough)
your sun hat
( you snatch it  off,  throw it on the ground)
your sunglasses
(in your mouth instead of  on your face)
your blanket
draped off the side, seems to do the job

I walk with you in the mornings
kids at school
adults at work
Nobody else on these sidewalks but us
and Dolce
sprint from tree to tree
drop in to sing their songs
Thelma and Louise lounge in the shade
Gnats engulf my face
I look to you making sure you’re ok
you’re ok

A stray cat
blocks our path
I’m afraid to go past him
I envision him lunging at you
you scratched up and in tears
I won’t take that chance
We wait for him to leave
you’ve never seen a cat before
your bouncing in your seat
He retreats back into the woods
We continue on our way.

Through the neighborhood
pass the lakes
across streets
up and down and back again
I walk you for as long as I can
sometimes dropping Dolce at home
She’s fearful
uncomfortable with walking in new directions
I run in and let her inside
I run back to you
We continue on our way.

We go over the same paths
on cool days
three times

Your company is all I need
You sit there

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